If your not using Iron Alliance you are losing ground on your competition!!

Not only do Chad and Zach put you or your team through great workouts, the manner in which they present them is outstanding. They provide a tremendous amount of energy, excitement and enthusiasm! They have a great ability to connect with athletes immediately and you can instantly tell they have a real, genuine concern for improving every athlete to be the best they can be. Very easy to tell they are not only passionate about what they do but also about making sure the athlete has a great experience and makes improvements!


As if all the above was not enough Chad and Zach will also teach your athletes about character development. To me  as a high school coach this easily separates them from all the other trainers out there. Chad and Zach will provide lesson in leadership and how to be a good teammate. They will help teach your athletes not only to be championship athletes but championship people. Athletes of sound moral character, with high values and a sound work ethic.


 I highly endorse Iron Alliance.


-Coach Genrich 

HHS Head Wrestling Coach 

"The activities that Iron Alliance had planned were impactful, engaging, and inspiring. Not only did they plan a great night but they also captured pictures for us and immediately shared them. They thought of everything. The BBBS Little Brothers had a great time, and we can’t wait to join forces again!"

-Match Specialist 

Big Brothers Big Sisters

The folks at Iron Alliance customized a workout for approximately 120 soldiers of the Wisconsin Army National Guard this past December drill weekend. Chad and Zach took the time to tailor the workout specifically to the needs/wants of the National Guard Leadership Team. The positive energy and command presence Iron Alliance brought to the troops that morning will have an everlasting impact on the young soldiers who were challenged physically and mentally during the workout. It is my goal to have Iron Alliance be a part of the National Guard's yearly training plan. These guys are great.

-Sergeant First Class Nimmer

National Guard

"Thank you guys for taking the time to come in and work with our kids! I think you guys went way above and beyond stopping in last month to kind of see things and check out the space, equipment needed etc. It seemed like you guys really took the time to personalize this for the group where we had many strengths and weaknesses."
-Master Sergeant Martinson 

National Guard

We greatly appreciated the program that Iron Alliance put together for the Boys Basketball Program. They gave us a variety of mental and physical training sessions that helped develop our students athletes not only in sport, but areas of life. They challenged the team respectfully in a professional manner which allowed for our kids to respond to them in a positive hard working way. We showed great gains in this time with them and will definitely be having them back in the future.


I highly recommend them.

-Coach Hintz

HHS Head Basketball Coach


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